5 DIY Screen Surfaces for $50

5 DIY Screen Surfaces for $50

We set out on a trip to Home Depot to find 5 items that we could use as creative, DIY projection surfaces. Oh, and we only had $50 to spend. We came back with 5 great options that we are super excited to share with you. There are a range of creative products and options that we found and the ones that made our budget are so fun!

So, let’s get started. Item # 1 – PVC Pipes. Yeah, we’re serious, basic white PVC pipes used in plumbing. Sound crazy? Well, let’s think about this. We love the concept of versa tubes….but they can be so expensive. Even DIY LED tubes can take a lot of time and money to put together. The biggest cost in using PVC pipes is going to be your time. Masking the pipes perfectly is going to make them pop. As you can see in the video, we did a pretty quick, rough mask to show what can be done. (We also didn’t cut the pipes super straight which you’ll want to do!)

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Watch the video below to see exactly how we put this surface together. Additionally, take a look at the 5 additional options below!

Do you have any new, innovative DIY projection ideas? We’d love to see them. Drop us a line at [email protected] to learn more.

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