4 Reasons Why Great Visuals Matter for Christmas?


4 Reasons Why Great Visuals Matter for Christmas

We’ve been in Transform Christmas for a couple of weeks now, and furthermore this is our 5th Year Anniversary for a massive Christmas campaign. So why make a big deal? Why do great visuals matter for Christmas? Why should we care to curate great motion backgrounds, visual images and digital sets this year? Here are my 4 reasons.


1. Christmas is a feeling.

Look around you, Christmas is such a sensational holiday. From the peppermint mochas at Starbucks to the lights, candles and neighborhoods filled with luminaries. Everywhere you turn you seem to feel something in relationship to what you see or smell. Because Christmas is such a sensation-driven holiday, it’s only right to leverage the power of emotions in color and create stunning environment.


2. Christmas is an incredible story.

When you and I use creativity and visuals to tell story, it leverage the power of the imagination. When we communicate with imagination, people can’t help but be invited into the story we’re telling. You see intellect, teaching and a lecture can be tuned out, overlooked or downright ignored. Imagination cannot. We get to tell the best story of grace and love this Christmas, so why wouldn’t we consider using creativity and imagination to invite people in.

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3. Christmas is told every year.

If you think about it, Christmas is a story we tell in our services and events every single year. Which means we need visuals to create a new setting every year. One year we can use an elegant look and feel and another year more modern. Regardless, it’s the visuals that allow it to feel fresh and let us tell a timeless story in a timely manner.


4. Christmas is a Celebration.

Finally, Christmas is a really special time of year, and it’s something we should throw a big celebration to reflect, rest and remember. Visuals help us set that mood and create the atmosphere. We can go big with fireworks, fast snow, confetti and light beams, or we can go subdue with candles, star of david or cathedral still images. Regardless, it’s time to do it right, and celebrate with the right magnitude!


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