11 Genius Gift Ideas for Creative & Tech Nerds

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With Christmas around the corner, and the incredible number of amazing articles we have on technology, environmental projection, multiscreen, stage design and more… we thought it would be fun to break up the rhythm a bit by showing you 11 gifts that you may need to add to your Christmas list this year! Some are fun, some are practical, but all of them are for nerds like you and me who work in creative and/or technical roles for a living!

If you have any other ideas, please let us know in the comments… but here’s our 11 gift ideas for creative & tech nerds:


1. 32GB USB Cufflinks.

Most engineers and technical nerds don’t LOVE dressing up in tuxedos or formal suits. I’m sure many are willing to do it on occasion, but when we do dress up we can’t wear our favorite Star Wars shirt or nerd alert apparel! So a great gift idea may be these USB Cufflinks. Part style, All nerd. Don’t go anywhere without making sure that your nerd-like personality comes with it! (plus, when someone needs that slide ready for the end of year banquet, you’ll have it on you in the most James Bond sort of way)

Click here to check out these USB Cufflinks.

Gift Ideas - Nerd Puzzle

2. Video Game Puzzle

My grandfather and I love to work on puzzles around the holidays. It gets me away from my devices (I should just say it gets me away from email and messages, but you know the feeling). So why not put a puzzle that would remind you of the ‘good ole days’ growing up blowing into cartridges, hitting your controllers and smashing the A and B buttons as hard as you can!

Click here to check out the Video Game Puzzle.

3. PacMan Ghost Lamp

Speaking of video games, what if you could retrofit your Man Cave with one of these amazing Pac Man lamps? IF that’s not cool enough, it’s USB powered, has endless colors to choose from and when you really want to go all out, just turn it onto “party mode” where it will become your own strobing LED light! Come on, this is genius!

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Click here to check out the PacMan Host Lamp

4. Bacon Duct Tape

Most of you are like me and will only use Gaffers tape, but I haven’t found Bacon gaff tape yet, so this is the next best thing! What if you could tape down that annoying cable in your garage, or the tech booth with BACON! I mean, who doesn’t love bacon right? Now I’m not sure if this is scratch and sniff bacon tape, but it sure looks like it came right off the griddle.

Click here to check out the Bacon Duct Tape.


5. Guitar Pick Maker

Some of you may be musicians and guitar players. And you’re sick and tire of always buying more guitar picks because you loose them, let the intern borrow them or just simply drop them and never go back to get it later. So with this device, and all those left over gift cards that you’ll be enjoying, you can have a never ending supply of guitar picks! That’s amazing to me.

Click here to check out the Guitar Pick Maker.


6. Myo Armband Controller

This is a piece of tech that I’d love to play with. It’s an armband that when you wear, it senses your movement in your arms, sending gesture or control commands to a computer, drone, device or piece of technology. It may be a bit pricey, but looks like it will work with a ton of devices. Make sure to check out the video to see all it can do!

Click here to check out the Myo Armband Controller.


Nerd Gift Ideas - Arcade System

7. iPad Arcade Unit.

Take your iPad gaming to a whole new vintage level with this cabinet that you can put your iPad in, and play all your favorite childhood games. It even comes with some of the free Atari games! My parents had some old school arcade games growing up, so this would be a blast from the past in more ways then one.

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Click here to check out the iPad Arcade Unit.


Star Wars Lamp - Gift Idea

8. Millennium Falcon Book Light

When the spouse goes to bed early but you’re not done reading Car and Driver or your favorite new book, you can keep on going through the night with this fun little book light: Star Wars themed of course! It’s simple, and maybe a perfect stocking stuffer, but we had to put something Star Wars related on the list.

Click here to see the Star Wars book light.


Nerd Computer Gift Christmas Idea

9. Kano (Build Your Own) Computer Kit

Computers are a nerd’s diamond. But what if you could build your own? And not have to know all this complex stuff!? Then you’re in high heaven. But the best part about this nerd gift is the fact that the keyboard is orange! And at Orange Thread, we love our orange. (In fact most of my office is orange.)

Click here to see the Kano Computer Kit


Mini Fridge - Tech Gift Ideas

10. Iron Man Mini Fridge

After you pick up your Pac Man Lamp, add this to your man cave or office desk… and always keep those drinks or soda’s cold and ready to grab at a moments notice. What makes this fun is that it adds that nerd personality without lacking a great purpose.

Click here to check out the Iron Man Mini Fridge.


Nerd Gift Ideas - Bacon Gift Wrap

11. Bacon Wrapping Paper

To top the list off, you’ll need a way to wrap some of these gifts, so make sure you use what all nerds love… BACON! And wrap all of your Christmas gifts this year with this amazing Bacon Wrapping paper. And, it’s pretty cost effective (for decrotive paper that gets thrown away!)

Click here to view the bacon wrapping paper.

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