10 Great Projectors Under $2000

10 Great Projectors Under $2000

We get a lot of questions about projectors. What projector should I buy? What’s the best projector for environmental projection? What’s the best projector on a budget? While these are all great questions, there are so many options out there that it can be hard to narrow it down. So today, we’re looking at 10 great projectors under $2000. While these won’t work in every situation, it’s a great place to get started if you’re on a tight budget. From ultra short throws, to 5k lumens and more these are some great options. Oh, and there’s even a 4K option!

1 – BenQ LX810STD 3000lm XGA Short-Throw Laser Projector

First on the list is this 3k lumen short throw laser projector from BenQ. With a .60:1 lens ratio, you can get a big image close to the wall. With a native 4:3 resolution, we would recommend this for environmental projection or an SD triple or double wide setup. Listed at $2400, we found it online for less than $1,000. If you have a small space and you want to give EP a try, this would be a great place to start. Take a look here to grab this projector.

2 – Sony VPL-CH370 

Next on the list is the Sony VPL-CH370. This is a full HD (1920*1200 native resolution) projector that delivers 5,000 lumens of brightness. It has a 1.5:1 – 2.2:1 ratio adjustable lens with horizontal and vertical lens shift. This is ideal for making sure you get the perfect setup even when you can’t put the projector in the perfect spot. The only big con for this projector is a low contrast ratio of 2500:1. This may mean you have to tweak some settings and be a bit more careful when putting text on graphics. But you get all this for under $2,000!

3 – ViewSonic Pro8800WUL

The third projector on our list is the ViewSonic Pro8800WUL, a 5200 lumen WUXGA projector delivering the same 1920*1200 resolution as the Sony above while doubling the contrast ratio to 5000:1. This projector features a bunch of input options including 3 HDMI connectors. Always good to run a redundant cable to your projector, especially if it’s flown or not accessible during your service or events. This is great option if you need more brightness in your space. Take a look here to see the price.

4 – Epson PowerLite 680 XGA

For the fourth projector, we see our first ultra short throw. The Epson PowerLite 680 provides 3,500 lumens of brightness, again with a native 4:3 resolution. If you have a low ceiling and want to do environmental projection or an SD triple/double wide setup, this would be a great option as you can hang* them on your wall fairly easily. At 11″ from the wall you can get a 7.5′ wide image. While not a huge image, in a small space you can make something great happen. Using three, you could create a 21′ + wide triplewide wall! This one has a pretty big contrast ratio of 14000:1. That will help with the smaller image size. More info here on getting this one for just over $1,000.

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*always use a certified professional when hanging any equipment.

5 – Optoma EH500 1080p

If you have $1,000 to spend then this one is a great choice. The EH500 gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The EH500 1080p delivers full HD resolution at 4,700 lumens. Includes VGA, HDMI x2, and DisplayPort inputs among others, gives you a wide variety of connection options. This projector has a 10000:1 contrast ratio and a 1.59:1 – 1.91:1 lens throw ratio. This is a DLP projector that will give you great colors. More information can be found here.

6 – Optoma X600 XGA

So, for $1200 you can get 6,000 lumens. So, what’s the catch? Well, as you can see it’s an XGA projector, so it’s native 4:3. However, with 6,000 lumens, this would be a great option for environmental projection even in a larger room. We worked at a conference back in the day running EP in a 3,500 seat room with 3 6k projectors and they worked great for EP. Still better for a smaller or mid size room, you get a 1.8:1 – 2.1:1 throw ratio and a 10000:1 contrast ratio. Grab it here.

7 – Hitachi CPAW3506 Ultra Short Throw Projector

This projector is the latest version in the Hitachi ultra short throw series. Boasting 3,700 lumens, you get a ton of pop out of this little guy. With WXGA resolution of 1280*800, you can go SD or HD720 and create some great environments. We love using these in smaller rooms for EP and triplewide setups. With any short throw projector, alignment can take a minute to accomplish, but well worth the effort if you’re tight on space. This projector packs a big contrast ratio of 16,000:1 with a fixed throw ratio of .3:1. Another great option for under $2,000!

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8 – Hitachi CP-EU4501WN

This Hitachi is a like a big brother to the ultra short throw above. Featuring the same 16,000:1 contrast ratio, you get a standard lens ratio with 4,500 lumens of brightness. This projector features a native 16:10 resolution (1920*1200) giving you full HD capabilities. Plenty of inputs plus a VGA loop through if you want to daisy chain projectors and show the same image across all three. Not a bad way to start if you don’t want to invest yet in a multiscreen processor. Take a look at this projector for under $1200!

9 – Acer H7850

Who needs 4k? It seems more and more everything is about pixels these days. The more pixels you have, the more possibilities! But what happens when you have 4k media and an HD projector? Take advantage of the pixels you have and display them with a 3k lumen 4k projector! Boasting a million:1 contrast ratio (tbd how great that is…) you can display more pixels than ever! Learn more here.

10 – ViewSonic PX747-4K

Need just a little bit more pop with that 4k resolution? Check out the new ViewSonic PX747-4k. At just $1500 you can’t beat the price of this 4k projector. With a 1.47-1.76 ratio lens, you get a good screen size from a moderate distance. ViewSonic boasts a 15,000 hour lamp life (dependent of course on usage, etc.) Could be just the right option if you need the maximum resolution for your setup. Not a bad option to look at considering the price. Could work great for EP, triplewide, single screen, and more! Check it out here.

So there you have it, 10 great projectors for under $2000! Including ultra short throw options, 6k lumen projectors, and 4k resolution options, the sky is the limit. No two projectors are alike. Be sure you do your homework on resolution, contrast ratio, lumens, and more to ensure you get the right projector for your environment. If you need any extra help, feel free to contact us anytime!

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