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Piano Mapping

Today’s Monday Mapping is apart of a bubbly series of experiments done by the technologist Xiao Xiao from MIT. She combines piano playing with projection mapping. The piece is called Andante and it displays animated characters walking along the keyboard creating an illusion that makes it look like the animated characters are playing the instrument.

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The Top 6 VJ Software for Multiscreen Video | TripleWide Media

Top 6 VJ Software for Multiscreen Video

There are a wide variety of programs to use with multiscreen media, sometimes referred to as VJ software (video jockey). Here is our quick overview of the top 6 VJ software you need to know about as you begin to implement more of these ideas, test out new concepts and explore the world of multiscreen video content.

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LED Strip Tape and Stage Design | TripleWide Media

LED Strip Tape & Stage Design

LED Strip tape provides an amazing amount of flexibility and creative freedom. Due in part to its relatively low cost, ease of use, and literal flexibility, it makes stage designs that seemed out of reach in the past for many to be a viable option for most.

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The Best Content for Multiscreen and Environmental Projection

Galactic Center Region | TripleWide Media
Fresh Arising | TripleWide Media
Painted Sunset Countdown | TripleWide Media
Diamond Valley 9 | TripleWide Media
Cloudscape Panorama | TripleWide Media
Crystal Flow Fire | TripleWide Media
The Basics of Edge Blending | TripleWide Media

The Basics of Edge Blending

At it’s basic form, edge blending occurs when you combine (overlap) the edges of two projectors in a multiscreen setup. There are numerous ways to handle edge blending including software, hardware, and physical applications. We have used all three with varying results.

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Color Theory for Lighting and Video | TripleWide Media

Color Theory for Lighting and Video

When it comes to using multi-screen setups, content is the most critical part.  Think about it, we can spend all the time and money in the world getting the right screens, projectors, multi-screen processors, televisions and computers, but if we don’t have visuals that amplify our emotions and elicit a response, that stuff is nothing more than a flashy setup lacking purpose.

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6 ProPresenter Tips (you probably didn't know about) | TripleWide Media

6 ProPresenter Tips (you probably didn’t know about)

Many of you in our community use ProPresenter on a regular basis, and we thought it would be fun to share 6 hidden ProPresenter Tips and Tricks that you may not have known about. As a ProPresenter user myself, I’ve learned a few things that help me save time, make presentations look better and find the pieces of the program I need without having to use a mouse too much.

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New Content

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