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TripleWide Media is home to the Best Christmas Media anywhere! With our variety of content, producers, styles, and resolutions, you simply don’t need to look anywhere else for your Christmas Media this season. Take a look at our pre-filtered categories to get started!

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Snow for Christmas | TripleWide Media

A Contagious Christmas Environment

When looking into creating a new christmas themed set design, and it’s stage setup, the multiscreen arrangement, or the lighting scheme, there’s a lot to consider. What’s the seasonal budget? What do we have space for? And what can we reuse?

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Advanced ProPresenter Tips | TripleWide Media

Advanced ProPresenter Tips

One of the pieces of software that I’m sure many of you use on a weekly basis, if not daily, is ProPresenter. It’s always fun to read from other users what their advanced ProPresenter tips are, and we thought we’d try our hand at it as well! This fantastic software from Renewed Vision is sure to make your presentations seem cleaner, look better, and playback with fluidity between the various elements of a service.

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The Best Christmas Media

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4 Reasons Why Great Visuals Matter for Christmas | TripleWide Media

4 Reasons Why Great Visuals Matter for Christmas

Why do great visuals matter for Christmas? Why should we care to curate great motion backgrounds, visual images and digital sets this year? Here are my 4 reasons…

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10 Reasons to Use Video Elements during Christmas | TripleWide Media

10 Reasons to Use Video Elements During Christmas

Whenever you are doing a presentation or event, video can make a tremendous impact on your experience and help engage people… but the question is why? Why do some presentations use visual aids and video elements and some leave them out?

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Making It Snow Indoors with Environmental Projection | TripleWide Media

Making it Snow Indoors with Environmental Projection

Stephen Proctor and I got a chance to go on the Seminars4Worship tour when we launched this website over a year ago. In doing so, we got a chance to use Environmental Projection at almost every venue. I can’t take much credit for this.. because it was all Proctor’s creativity, but I thought it would be fitting to share some pictures. Maybe you can use some of this in your christmas programming.

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